Estuary Group was created to assist the large retailers with return of investment technology.

Our vision is to support progressive entities and keep them ahead of their competition. We believe that the correct employment of technology can maximize business efficiency through innovation.

Our team also creates solutions to decrease the risk of workplace injury and keep employees safe.

We do this with a collaborative approach during the development stage to provide an optimised taylored solution for mass roleout.

Improving your business's earnings is just a part of what we are capable of here at Estuary Group.

Our company values are Pride, Growth, Innovation and Development

This means we value everyone’s input, encourage them to have pride in what they do and actively encourage people to develop themselves while providing ideas for the products and their role.

With an active ‘Can Do’ approach to new thinking, Estuary Group always strives to improve your business processes.


Continuing to imagine and design comprehensive solutions to efficiency, productivity and safety.

Estuary Group is invested in bringing your business to the forefront of its industry, and future-proofing your operations.