Drover TM Series‏

The Estuary Group Drover TM Series Developed for assisting trolley collection within retail car parks and returning the trolley trains to store.


Designed for challenging retail environments, the TM series assists the collector with reliable motive power. The compact size of the unit – with little overhang or outreach means the unit can be used within the shopping mall environment at front of store with confidence.


The sturdy construction of the unit coupled with the high level of control, makes the TM series safe and easy to use. With second generation motive drives, lithium powerpack and easy switch-out capability means the unit is quick and easy to maintain.


Drover TM is controlled with a hand unit that directs forward, fast forward and reverse, with a horn and emergency stop. Available TM-60 long life - high range battery and a TM-100 Ultra high range option. The unit is plugged in to a standard GPO socket for recharging when not in use.


Drover CM Series‏

With over 50 million hours of operating time, the Drover CM series is the proven solution for trolley collection. Through years of consultation and development with clients and partners, Estuary Group has engineered an elite drover series with a diverse range of features and functionality to suit leading Australian retailers. 

Drover CM Series The Estuary Group Drover CM Series Developed for assisting stock relocation efforts, from back store to front of house. Designed to latch under crossbeams of stock cages and provide a safe and intuitive method to control the load of a heavily laden stock cage.


The unit provides motive power close to the centre of mass of the cage while allowing the length of lower arm and tiller head to provide sufficient leverage to redirect the load without effort. The Drover CM does not lift the stock cage, only engage with it, so the cage remains stable and in contact with the ground as per its design intention.


Drover CM forward motion is controlled using thumbwheel control on the tiller head, with walk/crawl speed switch, horn, bumper head and emergency stop. The unit recharges with an external charger that plugs in to a standard GPO socket when not in use.