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Drover - Trolley Mover

Introducing the Estuary Group's Drover Trolley mover Series, specially developed to streamline trolley collection in retail parking lots while efficiently returning trolley trains to the store.

Designed to excel in demanding retail settings, the Drover Trolley mover offers dependable motive power assistance to collectors. Its compact design, characterised by minimal overhang and outreach, allows seamless utilisation within shopping centres right in front of the store.

Built robustly, the TM series gives both safety and user-friendliness. Equipped with second-generation motive drives and a lithium power pack, along with a hassle-free switch-out feature, the unit boasts quick and straightforward maintenance.

Operated through a hand unit, the Drover TM can be easily directed forward, fast forward, and in reverse, complete with a horn and an emergency stop function. Choose from the TM-60 for extended battery life and a high range, or opt for the TM-100 Ultra for an even greater range. The unit can be conveniently rec.

It's evident that implementing a shopping trolley collection device like the Drover TM Series can bring about a multitude of advantages for both retail establishments and their operations. Your outlined benefits encompass operational efficiency, cost management, customer satisfaction, employee well-being, and environmental responsibility.

Here's a summary of the key advantages:


  1. Efficiency and Time Saving: The device can collect multiple trolleys at once, significantly speeding up the collection process and allowing staff to allocate their time more efficiently.

  2. Reduced Labor Costs: With fewer staff members needed for manual trolley collection, businesses can potentially reduce labour expenses.

  3. Employee Safety: The device minimizes physical strain and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries associated with manually moving heavy trolleys.

  4. Enhanced Customer Experience: A tidy parking area contributes to a more organized and pleasant shopping environment, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  5. Better Aesthetic Appeal: Maintaining an organized appearance in the store's exterior area enhances the overall aesthetics and portrays a positive image to customers.

  6. Optimized Parking Space: Prompt trolley collection ensures available parking spots for customers, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

  7. Environmental Impact: Efficient trolley collection reduces the likelihood of environmental hazards caused by abandoned trolleys obstructing drainage systems or entering natural habitats.

  8. Cost Savings: Collecting trolleys promptly helps prevent trolley damage or loss, reducing unnecessary expenses related to maintenance and replacement.

  9. Improved Staff Morale: Easing the physical demands of trolley collection can contribute to higher employee morale and job satisfaction.

  10. Streamlined Operations: Integrating the collection device into store operations enhances overall efficiency in trolley management.

  11. Data Collection: Our TM has the ability to offer data tracking capabilities that provide insights into customer behaviour and operational efficiency, enabling informed decision-making.

  12. Innovation and Image: Implementing a collection device demonstrates the store's commitment to innovation and modernization, positively impacting the store's image among customers and stakeholders.

Incorporating the Drover TM Series or trolley collection devices can thus lead to a more organised, efficient, and customer-friendly shopping experience while benefiting the business's bottom line and overall reputation.


Drover - Role Cage Mover 

Drover CM Series The Estuary Group Drover CM Series Developed for assisting stock relocation efforts, from back store to front of house. Designed to latch under crossbeams of stock cages and provide a safe and intuitive method to control the load of a heavily laden stock cage.


The unit provides motive power close to the centre of mass of the cage while allowing the length of lower arm and tiller head to provide sufficient leverage to redirect the load without effort. The Drover CM does not lift the stock cage, only engage with it, so the cage remains stable and in contact with the ground as per its design intention.


Drover CM forward motion is controlled using thumbwheel control on the tiller head, with walk/crawl speed switch, horn, bumper head and emergency stop. The unit recharges with an external charger that plugs in to a standard GPO socket when not in use.

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